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  • Dan Penkoff

    Dan Penkoff

    Goofy old man, father, US Army combat veteran, university student, and aspiring writer. Love my Black and Brown brothers and sisters, soul food, and Detroit!

  • Edward O'Connor

    Edward O'Connor

    Has worked as a freelance writer and book editor for more than 30 years. Author of the novel Astral Projection.

  • Douglas Lee

    Douglas Lee

    Doug Lee is an author, editor, filmmaker, and storyteller of Human and Natural History, Wilderness and Wildlife.

  • Martin Geeson

    Martin Geeson

  • Viktor James

    Viktor James

    Former HS English Teacher turned Satirist. Sharing tongue-in-cheek inspiration. Author of Teaching Frankenstein: A Cautionary Tale.

  • Bernie Bleske

    Bernie Bleske

    just another frustrated teacher

  • Siobhan O'Connor

    Siobhan O'Connor

    I write and edit, usually in that order. Priors: VP, Editorial @Medium, exec editor at TIME, exec editor at Prevention, features at GOOD magazine etc.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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